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JYJ Subs Application

January 26, 2011


Please visit our forum, or email the following to with the subject title “[Application] (insert position you are volunteering for. put N/A if you are not sure.)”:

Which task(s) are you interested in, and do you have prior knowledge of said task*: (Translator, editor, timer, QC, encoder or other)
Language : (Please fill out only if you are applying to be a translator or editor)

*As long as you are willing to learn, it is alright if you don’t have any prior knowledge. I only want an idea.

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  1. Nandar permalink
    February 22, 2011 1:13 pm

    Hi,, i want to help out.. But i dont have any skill u mentioned and i am not a Korean *Sob* I live in Singapore… So if there is anything i can help, do let me know… If not for subbing , may be i can help out to promote or do something to hlep Team JYJ… 😛 anything , really anything.. if there is something that i can help, pls let me know…

    I am a working adult.. IF there is any position which fits me or no one wants to take up, remember me.. K???? 🙂

    Anyway, is there any JYJ fanclub in Singapore??? If there is, can i know how can i contact them?? If not yet, i want to organize one in Sg to keep on updating about JYJ in Sg and carry out activities for JYJ like u guys did in Korea…

    Waiting for ur reply…

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